Integrative Theraputic Solutions


The staff at ITS specialize in providing tailored treatment to individuals ranging from mid-teens to 30+. Our collaborative, dynamic, team of experts ensure that every therapeutic experience at ITS is personalized, meaningful, and empowering. We have chosen the finest clinicians to ensure you have a great experience in therapy.

At ITS we know goodness of fit between provider and client is paramount in creating therapeutic change. To ensure you find the right clinician, your first meeting will be carefully assigned by our Clinical Director, Dr. Nicole Phardel, and will be free of charge, allowing you and your provider an opportunity to interview one another to determine if a therapeutic fit has been obtained and if so, what treatment course is recommended.

Dr. Jessica Dolgan

Dr. Jessica Dolgan, Psy.D.

Founder and Chief Clinician of Integrative Therapeutic Solutions. Dr. Dolgan received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from The University of Denver in 2004. She has dedicated her career to constructing a clinic where adolescents and young adults can receive specialized psychological care that is uniquely tailored to their developmental needs. Her vision has resulted in a multifaceted clinic that provides complete diagnostic and therapeutic services, psychological testing, institutional consultation, public education, and parenting coaching. The ITS staff members regularly provide psychological education throughout the Denver Metro Area on topics such as cultivating emotional resilience and healthy identity development in adolescents and young adults. All of the clinicians and mental health professionals working for Integrative Therapeutic Solutions are hand selected and supervised by Dr. Dolgan. Each provider at ITS shares Dr. Dolgan's passion for this unique population and her commitment to clinical excellence, ensuring each client's journey is not only personally tailored, but is comfortable, meaningful, professionally coordinated, and expertly guided.

Dr. Nicole Phardel

Dr. Nicole Phardel, Psy.D.

Clinical Director for ITS, received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from The University of Denver. Dr. Phardel is deeply committed and passionate about managing our clinic and consistently striving to create a therapeutic space that is known for quality care and which is tailored to young adults and their families. Dr. Phardel has extensive expertise in providing treatment for a variety of developmental struggles that can present in this unique population. She also excels in diagnostic interpretation and treatment planning, helping families to ultimately find a meaningful therapeutic path that results in long term insight and success. Dr. Phardel utilizes an integrated approach and is known for providing highly comprehensive and engaged therapeutics; she is described by our clientele as deeply insightful, supportive, informative, and passionately invested. Dr. Phardel has been collaborating with Dr. Dolgan for nine years, working to envision a clinic where adolescents, young adults, and parents truly feel as though they have found a progressive, therapeutic space to grow, where they are consistently heard, understood, supported, and provided with the specialized education and psychological services they deserve. Dr. Phardel's drive toward excellence in her private clinical work and in helping all of our providers to deliver excellence in clinical care is admirable and an incredible benefit to our clientele.

Dr. Ragnar Storaasli

Dr. Ragnar Storaasli, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Colorado. He is an expert in clinical therapy, applied behavior therapy, and research methodology. He serves the clinical team at ITS and is also a professor at the University of Denver's Graduate School of Professional Psychology, where he has trained clinicians for 23 years. Dr. Storaasli has a long and proven track record of excellence in clinical care and developing and implementing various types of programming in areas of philosophy and theory, research and statistics, and applied clinical work, as well as the development of clinical seminars and workshops, life skill and process groups. He has published in several areas of psychology, including behavior psychology and behavioral medicine, marital psychology and diversity issues, and has also dabbled in cartooning, with work appearing in books on Marital Psychology, Money and Marriage, and Sex Education for parents and adolescents. Dr. Storaasli believes that all human beings are in the same boat; that every person deserves to live a life that is examined, insightful and driven by their values. He is known for his approachable "no-gimmick" demeanor, vast clinical expertise, thought provoking and pragmatic insights, and great capacity to elicit lasting empowerment and change.

Dr. Carla Gorrell

Dr. Carla Gorrell, Psy.D.

Received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. She provides psychotherapy and psychological assessment at ITS. Areas of specialization include treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD, adoption issues and attachment, school adjustment, the developmental challenges of adolescence, identity development and relational concerns in young adults, women's issues, life transitions, play therapy with young children, and therapeutic assessment. Therapeutic assessment is a collaborative, client-centric, short-term therapeutic intervention technique that helps clients and their parents to articulate their questions and concerns, and implements an assessment plan to answer these questions. Extensive feedback is provided to clients verbally and in reports with the aim of increasing self-awareness and psychological understanding. Dr. Gorrell has developed a reputation locally for writing psychological reports that young adults, parents, and treatment providers find to have great utility and serve as a long term tool for increasing global understanding of the client. Psychological evaluation of cognitive and emotional functioning, personality, and career interests are some of the testing services that are provided. Dr. Gorrell also excels at providing parenting consultation to individuals seeking realistic, actionable information and advice on parenting issues. Dr. Gorrell consistently helps us all to keep learning, and is a wonderful complement to our clinic and our profession.

Dr. Jacqueline Moreno

Dr. Jacqueline Moreno, Ph.D.

Received her doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver. Her specialties include psychotherapy with adolescents and young adults, parenting therapy, as well as psychological assessment. She practices using an integrated approach and works to develop treatment plans that have high utility for the entire family and which emphasize healthy identity development and self-formation in young adults. Dr. Moreno has been recognized for her work with parents, helping them to globally improve their understanding of their child's unique strengths and weaknesses. Assessment gives parents a window into their child that few other interventions allow; this process and report provide parents with a "mini-manual" on their child, helping them to develop lasting strategies for improved connection and understanding of their young adult. Dr. Moreno, through the assessment process, assists young adults in improving their insight and awareness about their emotional and cognitive functioning; this in turn creates a climate for improved functioning interpersonally, socially, and academically. Dr. Moreno is passionate, insightful, and eager to support others in a collaborative therapeutic relationship. She believes that therapy should be empathic, non-judgmental, and genuine. Her kind and calm nature allow her to easily connect with teens who otherwise may find the process of treatment daunting.