Integrative Theraputic Solutions


Feeling emotionally disconnected from your adolescent or young adult son or daughter is normal. Moreover, communicating your own needs, expectations, and values can also be challenging.

In adolescence and young adulthood, the language that's spoken between parent and child is often jumbled and hard for both parties to interpret. Our therapeutic services and coaching program for parents help to maintain and strengthen communication between parent and child. This allows young adults to practice and experience independence and healthy emancipation. Our coaching services for parents provide the education and support you need to get along with your adolescent during their final years at home. At ITS, we know that children don't come with a manual; we'll help you connect more meaningfully and so that you and your teen are speaking the same language. You will learn to effectively guide them toward a healthy, well-adjusted life as an adult. If you're ready to alter the trajectory in your relationship with your young adult/adolescent we're here and ready to help.

Integrative Therapeutic Solutions stands apart from other clinics. Traditionally, young adults go through therapy alone, with parents often seeking services elsewhere or not at all. Our model supports parents; we know that education, structure and effective parenting are the keys to creating meaningful and lasting change. We also place a strong emphasis on care coordination; we work closely with schools, psychiatrists, and other professionals involved in the client's treatment.

Our clientele are highly motivated and desire our services. Many times, new clients have attended one of our educational seminars for adolescents or parents and feel that our model and philosophy mirrors what they desire in a therapeutic experience.

Parenting Education

ITS offers a series of local lectures aimed at creating and maintaining emotional health and balance in high school students and the transitioning high school senior. Tailored to both students and parents, these lectures target common developmental issues during high school and provide psycho-education  strategies for parenting teens, help in identifying red flags, and access to appropriate support services.

Our parenting lectures have become popular in many institutions. Parents find the lectures to be informative and solution-focused, as well as entertaining. Lectures are conducted throughout the Denver-Metro area; call to ask where our next lecture is being held.

Taking the First Step

At ITS, we believe therapy is a service that all individuals deserve to access, even if they just have a few minor concerns to discuss. A young person's first experience in treatment will dictate their comfort when seeking services in the future. We ensure this first experience is supportive, productive and empowering.

We are honored that you have chosen our clinic and look forward to embarking on this journey together.