Integrative Theraputic Solutions


Integrative Therapeutic Solutions is a highly specialized practice that provides tailored treatment for young adults. Our clients range in age from mid-teens to 30+ and desire a meaningful therapeutic experience with an expert that is engaging, solution focused, and validating. Client's seeking our services believe that with the right therapeutic fit they can work on becoming increasingly balanced, confident, comfortable, emotionally competent, and better overall at accessing and maintaining healthy relationships with others.

Our clinic was built with young adults in mind. Our clients tell us they are often relieved upon receiving a referral to our clinic, knowing that we focus on their age group and the unique struggles. They report that the office, our treatment team, and the help they receive here feels customized just for them.  

What To Expect

Our experts conduct a thorough assessment, evaluate the client's presenting and historical symptoms and concerns, and set a therapeutic regimen that is clear, solution focused, and empowering. We love that our clinic has become known as a place where young adults and parents can find a therapist they can truly connect with, and whom they can access as needed across their life.

Our Services Include

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Payment Options

Insurance Reimbursement Info

To ensure complete focus on clinical care, our practice does not directly bill through any insurance or medical plan. However, insurance-ready statements detailing direct payments you have made will be provided to you. These statements review all of the services you have accessed including necessary treatment and diagnostic coding. You can use these statements to initiate the out-of-network reimbursement process privately through your insurance company if you are eligible to do so.

Cancellation Policy

In the event you need to cancel an appointment, please provide notice to your therapist within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time. This is a courtesy to your provider but also to other patients working to access the schedule for emergency same-day services. Goodness of fit between provider and client is paramount in creating change.