Integrative Theraputic Solutions


When our clients first come to us, they often feel that they're alone in their struggles or uncommon in their experience. They may feel sad, ashamed, confused, or worried they won't get better. They've often been looking for a good therapeutic fit for awhile; our clients are generally relieved when they find ITS.

We put clients at ease by letting them know we've heard it all, we're not easily surprised, and that we see many clients with similar problems. Clients are assured that they no longer need to worry about "what they have" or "when it will feel better." We'll take the wheel and guide treatment to ensure they feel supported and more confident about their life overall.

Taking the first step

We believe therapy is a service that all individuals deserve, even if they just have a few minor concerns to discuss. A young person's first experience in treatment will dictate their comfort when seeking services in the future. We ensure this first experience is supportive, productive and empowering.

Goodness of fit between clinician and client is paramount in creating lasting psychological change. Our clinical director personally connects with each new patient to help select a provider that will best match with your needs. We focus on clients we know we can help, so if a client's needs fall outside of our area of expertise they may receive a referral to an appropriate community provider that we know and trust.

We are honored that you have chosen our clinic and look forward to embarking on this journey together.